Unleash the knowledge
of your community

Progress faster
by finding the right expert in
your community.

We match your current challenges with the people
in your community and find the right expert to help you.

We are where your problems are – at Google.

Through our n.easy platform and a browser plugin.

This way we find the right expert before you even think
about asking anyone.

A conversation with a matching expert is always key to
success and that we have enough of such people already
in our network – they just do not spring to mind
at the right moments.

Develop a successful community
with your environment

The right people are usually already in your environment,
we help to make them visible and to build a common

→ One tool to manage your entire community.

→ One place for all relevant information
Events, Infos, Guidlines, etc.
(integration into other systems planned).

→ One better sense of a common belonging.

→ One successfull Community and
a happy Community Manager.

Gain totally new insights into
your community.

Our data is updated and compared on a daily basis,
which gives you a unique insight into your community.

> What are the current problems your community is dealing

> Which questions keep coming up and remain

> Which expertise is most present in the network,
where are the shortcomings.

„We are data-driven and use the latest technologies and innovations, so that you & your community are more successful than ever before.“ Alexander Groenig CEO | Co-Founder

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